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Documents Solution  producers fake documents which are not government registered into the database. We do appreciate your need for fake documents and which it’s not other for:



We are not liable if you do use the fake documents issued by us wrongly and take no claims to any legal prosecutions since we assumed it is issued for nothing under than camouflage or entertainment purposes.

We Provide  Real/Legit Documents which contain certified approved stamps, signatures and certified personnel approvals found and registered into the database system. The Production of Real Passports at Verified Documents Providers are bio-metric and holograms contain if need be, registered under the government recognized database systems. These documents could be renewed at time of expiration by the authorities within your jurisdiction.

Documents Solution produces a few different types of passports with each having a specific purpose and requires specific requirements. The various types of passports include:

-Regular Passports

-Official Passports

-Diplomatic Passports

-Passport Cards

At Documents Solutions we provide two types of Drivers Licenses

-National Driving Licenses.

-International Driving Licenses.

For Nationals in the USA for example, each state has a different requirement and categories, with regards to the lbs or vehicle designed to carry passengers or transport materials

For Internationals in another countries, some countries requires international licenses to access their roads and we therefore see into that you can.

We offer Social Security number (SSN) which is a nine-digit number issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents.

IDENTIFICATION CARDS  produced by us are have the following features:

-Have a well-lit area

-Could be tilted  under light to see all of the reflective seals and holograms flash

-In Perfect condition ( NEW) 

-ID’s size, weight and shape are normal and the photo, lettering and lamination are perfect.

-Even surfaces and edges as well as cuts or bubbles in the laminate are the same.

We produce the best you could wish for as an immigrant, a Resident Permit to ease your activities

Documents produced by us are verified, bio-metric and registered into the data base systems.

We print and sell perfect Grade A counterfeit banknotes of over 52 currencies. Our money is perfectly reproduced with all security features available and I assure you everything is safe and legit, indistinguishable to the human eye and touch. We are using a method that practically replicates the real thing. All notes that have been approved, and can pass 95 % percent of all tests and can pass all simple tests such as the pen test and UV tests with a 100 % success rate.

Our production for certificates ranges from IELTS ( International English Test For Study) Certificates, School Certificates, and many more.

Documents Solution specializes in creating and providing authentic-looking online payslip documents for their clients. We provide documents intended to be used only for novelty purposes. Our company uses two standard styles for providing people with payslips online. The replacement payslips are handed over to the people through a process of discretion which is used during ordering and check-out phases.

Here you can create your own educational specimens of fake bank statements of the most known UK, Australasia and European banks among other novelties including customized creation of new and unique branded products including personal and business websites.

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